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Post  itachi on Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:30 pm

ign: itachi

name: jose pedraza

skype: zuko313

age: 21

born: 2/7/1990

how long have you played minecraft: since 3.0 around that

how long have you been on this server: since imaginary gaming went premium

do you have experience as a mod/admin: yes i was an admin on a server called kennycraft which is exactly the same as this server with factions pvp and such

why do you want to be mod/admin: because i don't see many admins on the server and i am a good admin i ban if i see hacking also i am good at building i don't abuse power i don't ban for stupid reasons or because i got killed or raided

i still like this server even if i get cursed out by other players and i will think about donating so yea



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