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Cathy's mod app

Post  ikocloud1 on Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:42 pm

ngame Name:Cathydoolin
First Name:Colin
Timezone:Eastern Standard
Do you have skype? If so what is your username?:I do have skype. My name in it is Ikocloud
How long have you played minecraft?:Since early alpha
How long have you played on this server?: a month or so? I dont know all i know it has been awhile though
Have you ever had any experience as an admin/mod? Explain:I have had experience as an admin/mod only for a bit though not too much it was on another server in creative mod quite fun actually.
Why do you think you should be an Admin/mod?:I help out the new people and welcome them kindly and help them get knowledge about the server ask the new guy Cloned_Chris i helped him out And a few others.
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You know you want to make me a mod


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