Admin Application by ShockWavE aka MangoChips

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Admin Application by ShockWavE aka MangoChips

Post  MangoChips on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:07 pm

Ingame Name: ShockWave
First Name: Lawrence

Age: 18

Timezone: Australian Eatern Standerd Time (GMT+10) this give a great time frame to me as i can be on while most foreign (American/European) mods or admins are asleep.

Do you have skype? If so what is your username?: I dont have it.

How long have you played minecraft?: 2 Years

How long have you played on this server?: about 5 days or so.

Have you ever had any experience as an admin/mod? Explain: Yes, i have been an Admin on 1 other server. Moderator in several servers

Why do you think you should be an Admin/mod?: i would like to help keep the server free of stupid acts Eg: Spamming, Xray, Flying and stuff like that. I have a great way of getting along well with 95% of players, I hate people who askes for Mod or Admin, I really want to ban them. SO when Admins and Mods are off, I can watch people if they are hacking or spamming and stuff like that.

Other Notes: Nothing really, I have 4 brothers and 1 sister.

Fenix (Brother)


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